LAIFS Annual Fern & Exotic Plant Show & Sale
June 11 - 12, 2016

Saturday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Sunday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden
310 N. Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, CA 91007
(one block south of the 210 Freeway)
(626) 821-3222

Volunteers Needed!
We are looking for a few volunteers to spend a few hours of their time helping LAIFS before, during and after the show. Most of us can do small jobs. The time you donate to the society is appreciated! We know that many of you work for a living and can't take time off. But maybe you could find a few hours to help.
It is a lot of fun and can be very educational.

We REALLY need volunteers to help with set up on Sunday, June 5, from 8 am until done or a part of the day. When you have more people it makes the work easier for each individual. Another key time is Sunday, June 12, 4 pm until done or a portion of that time. We need to take down the booths and tables, and load plants into the truck to be returned to the owners.

You are needed! Some jobs require you to just sit at the entrance of Ayres Hall to remind visitors that there is a Plant Holding Booth. The Show area in Ayres Hall is off limits for people with purchased plants and bags. Call a chairperson noted below.

Mike Moody, Show Chairperson - 562-328-5604
Donna Radoumis, Show Co-Chairperson - 909-598-2494
Harry Hatanaka, Facility Setup (6/5 - 6/9) & Teardown (6/12 - 6/13) - 562-926-9956
Donna Radoumis, Publicity - 909-598-2494
Charlotte Wayman, Publicity - 626-812-1273
Donna Radoumis, Vendor Coordinator - 909-598-2494
Mike Moody, Clean/place tables & plants; finish/clean indoor & outdoor booths (6/9) - 562-328-5604
Candace Nakanishi, 714-995-9327, & Denia Mandt, Judging - Clerks for judges; ribbon placement (6/10)
Beverly Hitz, Judges Breakfast & Luncheon (6/10) - 909-981-6189
Mike Moody, Personnel/Relief (6/10 - 6/12) - Watch Ayres Hall entry/exit door, "Ask Me" people to answer questions or point people in the right direction - 562-328-5604
Elaine Baxter, Plant Holding Area (6/10 - 6/12) - 626-339-3445

Vendors Registered for Our 2016 Show:

2KG Imports (garden art / metal art)
Betsy Miller Ceramics
Dominus Plantarum (local & specialty plants)
Doug's Rare Plants (ferns, fern boxes, fern boards)
Epiphyllum Society of America (plants, cuttings, succulents)
Ken's Garden Pottery
Lace's Custom Lodges (bird houses, feeders)
Mary M Downer (terrarium plants and more)
McDonald's Aquatic Nursery (pond plants, soil)
Mesa Exotics (carnivorous plants)
Norm Nakanishi (tropical plants)
Sorella Orchids (orchids, hoyas, epi's, etc.)
LAIFS Bookstore - LAIFS Plant Sale - LAIFS Supply Store

To view and print the 2015 LAIFS Competition Registration Form, CLICK HERE.

LAIFS Fern & Exotic Plant Show Rules and Regulations

  • 1. A. The Show Committee consists of the Show, Assistant Show, Registration and Judging chairpersons. The Show Committee is responsible for setup and placement of displays. In case of a tie, refer to Article III, section 3 in the bylaws of LAIFS B. The Show Committee in the rest of the document shall refer to Article 1.A.

  • 2. All entries must be entered between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm on the Wednesday prior to the show. Judging will take place on Friday.

  • 3. The Show Committee will have the right to exclude any diseased or infected plants.

  • 4. The exhibitor assumes responsibility for entry of plant(s) in the correct Division and Class. If a plant(s) qualifies for more than one classification, it must be entered by the exhibitor in the classification that the exhibitor requests. All classifications must be validated by a member of the Registration Committee before registration can be finalized. Invalidated entry sheets will NOT be processed.

  • 5. All entry forms must be PRINTED (typed, if possible)

  • 6. An exhibitor may enter any number of plants in the same class as long as the plants are of different species and/or varieties.

  • 7. All plants exhibited in competitive classes must have been property of and grown by the exhibitor for at least three months prior to the show.

  • 8. For uniformity, labels with personal identification will not be allowed to be visible on any plant or container.

  • 9. For maximum point value, plants must be in presentable and suitable containers which do not detract from the plant.

  • 10. All photographic prints must be appropriately mounted. NO SLIDES will be accepted. Entries should be mailed to the registrar no later than MONDAY prior to the show or hand delivered to the registrar during registration.

  • 11. Only judges, clerks and personnel assigned by the Show Committee as defined by Article 1 will be permitted in the show area at the time of judging.

  • 12. Judges shall make their awards on merit.

  • 13. First, second and third place will be awarded only when warranted and multiple ribbons may be given within each class.

  • 14. Only first class (blue ribbon) winners may be considered for trophy awards. Trophies will be awarded to the first class winner with the most points in each division.

  • 15. All trophies must remain on display for the duration of the show. NO plant, exhibit, or arrangement may be removed before the close of the show without the consent of the Show Committee.

  • 16. The Los Angeles International Fern Society will not be responsible for loss or damage although due care will be taken at all times.

  • 17. The Junior Division shall consist of entrant's ages 8 through 16.

  • 18. All Divisions with entries shall be posted.

  • 19. No plant polish will be permitted.

    LAIFS Fern Show Plant Rating System

    Cultural Perfection - 60 points

    Overall Form, fullness and balance - 20 points
    Some ferns will form full clusters others will vine or branch sparingly. The specimen should be grown to show to advantage the appropriate form for the specie.

    Foliage color and vigor - 20 points
    There is a wide range of frond color in the various species of ferns. A healthy and vigorous plant has a characteristic glow or color and texture for the species.

    Freedom from pests, deformities and deficiencies - 10 points
    Fern health and appearance is diminished by insects and disease-causing organisms. Deterioration of the color and vigor of the plant may result from nutritional deficiencies or over-fertilization.

    Rarity and growing difficulty - 10 points
    Rarity and difficulty in culture in Southern California should be given full consideration.

    Presentation - 25 points

    Grooming - 15 points
    Potted ferns should have the surface of the potting medium clean and free of debris. It is permissible to cover the surface with clean fresh sphagnum, peat moss, or other suitable material. Marginal brown spots on the fronds may be trimmed, conforming to the shape of the fronds. Old fronds should have been removed. Shield and nest fronds of the Platycerium and Drynaria genera that are functional should be left on the plants even though they are brown.

    Container - 10 points
    The container should not compete with the fern for attention. It should be clean. The size and style should be appropriate to the size and symmetry of the fern.

    Maturity - 15 points

    Number, size and type of fronds - 5 points
    The mature fronds of any species will be of a certain length, breadth and shape as described in the literature. There should be a sufficient number of fronds consistent with the nature of the species. Fertile fronds when present are an indicator of maturity.

    Rhizome or stem growth - 5 points
    A creeping plant or a trunked plant should attain sufficient size to show the nature of the growth habit.

    Overall size of the plant - 5 points
    For some species the size range will be quite large. Difficulty of attaining mature plants should be taken into consideration.
    Species that are naturally small must be given full consideration when point scoring the plants.