LAIFS Spore Store

Denia Mandt, Spore Storekeeper

The spores are listed by the name under which they were received; some species may also be known by other names. Terrarium ferns are indicated by an asterisk. The dates given are the collection dates, where known.

Current spore list.

How to Obtain Spore
Please inquire if there is a particular fern you are interested in obtaining. Sometimes there are donations large enough for one request but not enough for general listing. Substitutions will be made if the requested species are not available. If you have a preference for substitutions, please include that information with your order. Spores of another species in the same genus will be sent if available.

Spore packets are fifty cents ($.50 US) each. Please make checks payable to LAIFS. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with first class postage for one ounce postage with your order and send to:
       Denia Mandt
       12616 Ibbetson Avenue
       Downey, CA 90242

There is no charge for spores to overseas members of LAIFS, but please include two identical postal coupons with your order.

When collecting spore to send in, please FOLD and TAPE all corners. Spore is so fine that it easily sifts out of untaped envelopes or sticks to the tape when the corners aren't folded first. An excellent article on how to collect spore is available on the American Fern Society's website at: